Hard Landscaping and Drainage Contractors in West Sussex

J M Evans Groundworks, located near Horsham, has a wide range of services available which we extend across the whole of West Sussex. We’re a third-generation company of hard landscaping and drainage contractors with a friendly and flexible approach. Our small but scalable business, one which has been in operation since 1959 and is still going strong today, is a trusted choice with domestic customers and with commercial clients alike.


We are here to assist you with all types of hard landscaping and drainage work, including the installation of patios and driveways using modern materials such as block paving. The work of our drainage contractors is a principal focus for J M Evans Groundworks. We handle drainage projects of any size – including new installations – at any location in West Sussex.


To give you a clearer insight into our services, we separate this page into two sections on drainage and landscaping. If we can be of further assistance to you, or if you would like to arrange a survey, a consultation or a quotation, please call us today with your enquiry.


Drainage Contractors


Most of the work we undertake for the domestic sector is relatively straightforward. We usually visit residential properties in West Sussex to deal with problems concerning surface water and foul drainage. These common issues are usually the result of a misconnected pipes or inadequate soakaways. Our drainage contractors investigate, excavate and repair, and create new soakaways to deal with rainwater run-off if the older installation is no longer functional.


On the few occasions we find a stubborn blockage, we deal with the issue using traditional working practices. Remember to ask us about our innovative surveys and our investigative services.


J M Evans Groundworks also assists with full or partial collapses, which usually happen with ageing of the pipework or from the intrusion of tree roots into the drainage system.


If you plan on a surface installation, maybe one of our patios or driveways, we make sure that the drainage system has the ability to cope with water. As well as building installations with slopes that run off into soakaways and away from the property, we also adapt the layout of systems to make sure concrete, flagstone and block paving installations never suffer from other pooling water issues.


Our company also undertakes sewage treatment plant work for clients in the West Sussex area including landowners. This includes the emptying of septic tanks and the safe, hygienic removal of sludge and deposits. This is an area where our drainage contractors excel and our services help in maintaining cleaner sanitary conditions around homes and businesses.


Hard Landscaping Professionals


J M Evans Groundworks also has a small team of hard landscaping specialists and a large portfolio of completed projects in West Sussex. We can install patios, driveways and pathways using block paving, traditional flagstones and a selection of premium quality surfacing materials based on your design preferences and the budget you have available.


We undertake all excavation, groundwork and drainage requirements in-house, and we never use external contractors to perform this vital work on behalf of our company.


Prior to laying block paving for patios or for driveways, we excavate the working area to a suitable depth, use high quality aggregates for the sub-base and compact the land at every stage of the groundwork process to achieve a solid foundation. Hard landscaping features, and the integration of patios in particular, improve kerb appeal and add value to your home.


Our West Sussex customers prefer block paving as a landscaping material because it allows for a greater range of design options and doesn’t need uplifting in full if you need to call in utility or drainage contractors for underground services in the future. Tradesmen only need to uplift blocks from the working area and can reinstall them without having to replace.

Call 07887 986932 to discuss services with time-served groundworks, landscaping and drainage contractors. We cover all locations in the West Sussex area.