Hard Landscaping in West Sussex and the South East from Groundwork Specialists

The hard landscaping theme adds structure and form to a garden. Paths, driveways, patios, pergolas, brickwork, blockwork and even fencing make up part of the hardscape. This provides Surrey and West Sussex homes with a base for the soft elements, such as grass, shrubs, flowers and trees. Some people confuse landscaping with traditional garden maintenance work but the term most often applies to the various hard elements.


J M Evans Groundworks has an established portfolio of satisfied customers in all parts of Surrey and West Sussex, including areas such as Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking. We also hardscape properties across the South East region.


We have the groundwork skills and the experience needed to transform your hard landscaping theme.


The hardscape is the physical side of the outdoor theme and consists of hard components that never change – such as rock, stone, masonry and timber. Hard landscaping, and our main groundwork services, form a sense of space and tie a garden in with the visual side of the outside world.


The soft landscaping theme works with the elements that change, either seasonally or those that our Surrey and West Sussex customers prefer to use. J M Evans Groundworks places a strong focus on the hard landscaping side of the trade. We help in the installation of hard features using a selection of quality materials known for their durability and appearance.



Perfect for homes in Horsham, Cranleigh, Dorking and the surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas with limited street parking or expensive permit rates, driveways define the landscaping theme to the front of the property and keep cars away from the risk of vandalism. A well-laid driveway also establishes a base for softer features in a choice of materials to match current décor.


Just as importantly, driveways enhance kerb appeal and future property resale values.


Because we trade as groundwork and drainage contractors, J M Evans Groundworks can perform the initial excavation to create a sub-base and integrate drainage facilities that direct to a soakaway. This eliminates potential issues with standing water, something we also compensate for on driveways by pitching the installation away from the property.




This hard landscaping element links internal space inside the home to the garden space, creating a platform for relaxing, entertaining and socialising. Patios tend to work best with any property fitted with patio, French or bi-folding doors because the indoor environment ties in so well with the outdoor environment to make a single and practical social space.


Patios also enhance the kerb appeal and the value of homes in Surrey and West Sussex.


Our customers in Surrey and West Sussex, such as those in the Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking areas, frequently opt for block paving as a design element for landscaping work because it provides more durability and a wider range of permutations. Interlocking blocks create stronger, more stable patios.

image of the back of a house
image of a gravel driveway

Shed and Garden Building Bases


Sheds and garden buildings add a practical edge to a hard landscaping theme but require a stable base. A typical concrete base has a minimum thickness of 100mm and must sit on level ground. Laid to last a lifetime, concrete bases provide a perfect platform for all outdoor buildings and particularly those which bear a significant amount of weight.


J M Evans Groundworks excavates and levels the ground in preparation for the concrete base, anywhere in the Surrey and West Sussex areas. Supporting groundworks for our hard landscaping services include foundation work and spoil removal. We also create bases for stables and conservatories.


We recommend a reinforced mesh and a damp-proof membrane on all installations, which we can supply to your project. Some jobs, such as those on wet land, may require bearers. For landscaping projects and builds that require an alternative to concrete, J M Evans Groundworks also lays platform bases and heavy-duty timber bases.


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image of the back of a house
image of a gravel driveway
image of the back of a house
image of a gravel driveway