Groundwork and Drainage Contractors in Horsham | Covering Surrey and West Sussex

Customers in Surrey and West Sussex know us best for our groundwork services but we also cover these two areas as drainage contractors. Our fourth-generation company, established in 1959, offers a full investigative, installation, replacement and reinstatement service which ties in perfectly with groundworks. We also deal with foul water and surface water issues.


Our drainage contractors provide services for domestic customers in nearby Horsham and in all surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas, such as Cranleigh and Dorking to name just a couple.


Drainage services have an inevitable link with groundworks and paving installations but our customers can also rely on us for a first-class service when things start to go wrong. This is where our groundwork and drainage contractors are at their best. We understand the hygiene risks associated with structural damage, drain collapses, foul water and standing water better than most.


It is our response to these issues that makes us such a trusted service provider. J M Evans Groundworks also installs sewage treatment plants.



Groundworks have a strong link to drainage and a better understanding of this core service helps customers to make better decisions on how to use our company. Naturally, groundworks have ties with excavation but our services also include land preparation for foundations, footings, oversites and concrete bases. We can create bases for garden sheds, garages, stables, conservatories and a full range of outdoor buildings.


Site clearances also feature heavily in our groundwork services and this includes spoil removal through the use of our own plant and machinery. J M Evans Groundworks also supplies aggregates for groundwork and drainage projects. We trade as a forward-thinking company that specialises in recycled materials. Because we also provide groundworks for hard landscaping projects, customers can use us for aggregates without having to source them separately.


Drainage Installation and Replacement


If a survey suggests a collapse or structural damage to an existing drainage system, we advise homeowners in Surrey and West Sussex, including those in Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking, to choose an excavation and replacement service instead of a short-term fix using a drain lining. Our drainage contractors excavate to access the affected section with a mini digger or with larger plant but use hand tools near the end of the groundworks process to reduce the risk of further damage.


Next, we cut away the damaged sections and replace them for new, taking care to test our workmanship before reinstating and backfilling the excavated soil. A drain liner eventually wears and whatever caused the original problem will ultimately happen again. A full pipework replacement provides a permanent fix and lasts for much longer.


The groundwork and drainage contractors at J M Evans Groundworks also perform drainage installations for new builds, property redevelopments and home extensions in Surrey and West Sussex.

image of a worker laying underground drainage 2
image of a drainage grill in a driveway

Surface Water and Foul Drainage


Most homeowners in South East locations such as Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking have no idea that their drainage consists of two systems; one for foul water and another for rainwater and the roof run-off to stop issues with standing water. If foul water runs into the rainwater system because of damage or misconnected pipes, it could contaminate drinking water or cause pollution in nearby rivers.


Our groundwork and drainage contractors specialise in surface water and foul drainage issues.


J M Evans Groundworks offers a full investigative service to identify and repair issues with these systems or, if required, can build new soakaways to replace those that cause problems with standing water. Our groundwork and drainage contractors work on dual and combined systems, and provide customers with expert advice built on 60 years of company and employee experience.


Sewage Treatment Plants


Some homes in Surrey and West Sussex have no connection to a main drainage system at all, which leaves them in need of a safe, reliable form of sanitation. Sewage treatment plants are underground installations, in a compact size, so that properties in isolated areas have suitable collection and treatment facilities. They have minimal visual impact, no odour issues and very little by the way of noise output with reassuring biological and natural treatment processes.


Because our drainage contractors are also specialists in groundworks, the excavation side of a treatment plant installation is all part of the service.


We comply with environmental legislation and current health, safety and quality standards. Our aim is to provide homes in all parts of Surrey and West Sussex, including properties in Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking, with an all-in-one service that includes supply and design. Installations exceed proposed discharge consent standards set by environmental bodies for the United Kingdom.


Our groundwork and drainage contractors also register sewage treatment plants with Local Authority Building Control (LARC).

Call 07887 986932 to discuss installations and replacements with time-served groundwork and drainage contractors. We cover Horsham, Cranleigh, Dorking and all Surrey and West Sussex areas.

image of a worker laying underground drainage 2
image of a drainage grill in a driveway
image of a worker laying underground drainage 2
image of a drainage grill in a driveway