Block Paving in Dorking | Perfect for Patios and Driveways

J M Evans Groundworks is a trusted service provider located in Mannings Heath, near the West Sussex town of Horsham. We are groundworks, landscaping and drainage contractors with an excellent reputation that also expands into nearby Surrey. Dorking is a key service area for our company. Our personnel specialise in the installation of patios and driveways, and we frequently work with block paving because it is such a popular product with our customers.


Our work on patios and driveways also brings one of our supporting services into play. Mini digger hire is instrumental to creating a sub-base of the correct depth on our installations.


Block paving is a decorative product used for hard landscaping features in the Dorking area and one which provides the main benefit of uplifting easily whenever individual blocks suffer wear, damage or the need to be removed for underground works by utility or drainage contractors in the future. Blocks come in clay, in concrete and in composite materials.


Because some manufacturers create block paving from recycled materials, such as builder’s rubble and crushed glass, it is a porous product with important environmental benefits. The block design helps our hard landscaping team to achieve many different patterns during an installation, including herringbone styles with excellent interlocking to form a solid bond.


If you have design ideas for patios or driveways at your Dorking property, talk to J M Evans Groundworks first. We include everything you need into our quotations, from the mini digger hire to the supply of branded block paving materials, always at a competitive price.


Uses for Block Paving


While our own landscaping personnel mainly use block paving for the construction of patios and driveways, it is also a common material for pavements, walkways and road surfaces. Its popularity in the building of patios and driveways for homes in Dorking owes much to the instant kerb appeal a block paving installation provides. This versatile product also works well in public environments and is a common feature in town centre pedestrianised areas.


Because we also work as mini digger hire and drainage contractors, J M Evans Groundworks understands how important the easy uplifting of individual blocks is to future projects, and to the pockets of our customers who won’t have to replace patios or driveways completely.


Benefits of Block Paving


We can’t think of a better alternative to block paving and many of our Dorking customers agree. It is such a popular choice for projects in the area because it delivers more benefits than any other material. While the initial cost for new patios and driveways tends to be a little more expensive, block paving pays for itself in the future because it requires very little in terms of maintenance and, as already discussed, never needs a complete uplift in the event of future works.


Other benefits of block paving include:


  • Instant increase in overall property value
  • Enhanced kerb appeal
  • Wide range of colours available
  • Choose from multiple shapes and sizes
  • Flexible design and pattern options
  • Interlocking blocks to increase strength
  • Resistant to UV light and colour fading
  • Drainage integration stops water pooling


Using a Block Paving Specialist


J M Evans Groundworks strongly recommends that you only use time-served landscaping and drainage contractors for the installation of patios and driveways, and especially for those made from block paving. In doing so, you never have to pay extra for mini digger hire at the start of the project because we bring our own equipment – complete with a qualified operator – to your Dorking property. This gets our installations off to the best possible start.


The use of skilled personnel guarantees that your block paving lays correctly with full and effective interlocking, which is essential for perfect patios and driveways. The team at J M Evans Groundworks also takes the time to discuss design and pattern options with the customer, and always pays attention when it comes to choosing a suitable colour theme.


This ensures better integration with your Dorking property and its surroundings.


In most cases, our landscaping and drainage contractors only need to be onsite for a few days to complete an installation. This includes the use of our mini digger hire service for the initial excavation work, the integration of drainage facilities, creating the sub-base, laying the block paving and sealing the finish of newly-laid patios and driveways for protection.


The Installation Process


All block paving installations in the Dorking area begin with site preparation and excavation. Our landscaping and drainage contractors have to consider the removal of existing patios and driveways, the land and whether or not the working area needs a certain sub-base (and a particular type of aggregate) to create a more stable foundation for the actual installation.


J M Evans Groundworks uses the same machinery employed for mini digger hire services to excavate the land. After compacting the working area and adding the aggregate and the sharp sand, we check the level of the sub-base with string lines to make sure it sits correctly.


From there, our landscaping team lays block paving in your chosen pattern or style, using units from several different packs to make sure patios and driveways have no noticeable differences in colour across individual areas. To finish installations at Dorking properties, we brush kiln-dried sand into the joints and compact the surface with a vibrating plate.


This strengthens the interlocking between blocks and keeps the finished surface level. We repeat this part of the process twice before sealing to ensure joints have sufficient filling.

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