Drainage, Driveways and Patios in Cranleigh | Your Questions Answered

Because J M Evans Groundworks also offers services in Surrey as well as West Sussex, we’re a trusted name in the world of hard landscaping and drainage for customers in the Cranleigh area. Our landscapers specialise in the installation of hard features such as patios and driveways, where we frequently use block paving as a preferred medium. The time-served drainage contactors on our team perform installation, repair and replacement services.


And, if you’re in the proverbial hole – or, indeed, without a hole but need one – J M Evans Groundworks also has a mini digger hire service available in Cranleigh with an operator.


This page answers questions about our landscaping and drainage contractors. If you require a more detailed insight, wish to have us measure for patios, want to know more about block paving or need to arrange mini digger hire for a personal project, please call 07887 986932.


You refer to yourself as hard landscapers. What is hard landscaping?


Landscaping falls into two different categories – hard and soft. Hard landscaping refers to the “hardscape” of your Cranleigh property, and the heavier permanent features such as driveways, patios, ponds, water features, garden buildings and even the fencing. Anything made from timber, stone, brickwork, block paving and other hard materials forms the hardscape. We essentially focus on hard landscaping only, and on installations in particular.


The “softscape”, or the soft landscaping theme, is about everything else in your garden space. This includes lawns, plants, flowers, shrubs, soil, hedges, trees and colour schemes.


How do garden patios benefit a hard landscaping theme?


Patios serve a range of different purposes and are much more than just a small part of the hardscape used for relaxing or holding a barbeque. Properties in Cranleigh with French, bi-folding or patio doors that open out onto the garden also extend the interior living space in the warmer summer months to the outside. This means families, friends and guests can move freely between the two – making patios perfect for those who entertain regularly.


Preparation for patios begins with our mini digger hire service. We excavate the land around your choice of material (such as blocking paving or flagstones) to ensure a sub-base with the correct depth and the most suitable aggregates. Because J M Evans Groundworks also has drainage contractors available, we accommodate run-offs and soakaways into the design.


Why is your company so keen to promote block paving to homeowners in Cranleigh?


From all the different choices available, we firmly believe that block paving offers the best range of benefits for patios, driveways and similar hard landscaping features. Block paving offers a more complex range of patterns and styles so we never experience any difficultly when trying to blend an installation into the softscape. Just as importantly, the same design flexibility gives our Cranleigh customers the chance to be creative with their own ideas.


Patios and driveways constructed from block paving never require a complete uplift should a team of utility or drainage contractors need to work beneath the installation in the future. Each individual block lifts by itself so tradesmen only need to uplift in smaller sections.


Lifted blocks replace just as easily and this makes block paving the most suitable choice for homeowners whenever small individual areas require replacement after incurring damage.


Why would I need to use your mini digger hire service?


We’ve found that some property owners in Cranleigh like to have more control over their outdoor space, and have the skills required to lay patios or driveways themselves. What they don’t have is the equipment to excavate the working area. This is where we can come in to help with our mini digger hire service. J M Evans Groundworks supplies the machinery and the operator so that you never need to worry about handling digger controls yourself.


Our company also provides mini digger hire for commercial clients in the Cranleigh area. Small building companies, in particular, have a frequent use for this type of service.


The expense associated with buying a mini digger from new makes the alternative option of hire more affordable for some contractors. Also, these companies never have to invest into training for their own personnel. Mini digger hire is a cost-effective service that makes life easier for local builders, landscaping companies, drainage contractors and homeowners.


Do your drainage contractors offer a clearance service?


Yes, but we’re much more than just a drain clearance company! J M Evans Groundworks has skilled drainage contractors on the payroll who use connectable rods and modern high-pressure jet washers to shift and remove the causes behind a blockage. Where we differ from competing drainage contractors in the Cranleigh area is with our installation, repair and replacement services, all of which tie in perfectly with our hard landscaping work too.


For those having patios or driveways installed, we provide sufficient drainage requirements to eliminate the risk of standing water. We also install soakaways for better water run-off.


For homes or businesses in Cranleigh with a full or partial collapse, our drainage contactors install drain linings or excavate to remove old pipework and perform a full replacement. In the event of persistent blockages, we can even provide you with a full investigative survey.

Call 07887 986932 to discuss services with time-served groundwork, landscaping and drainage contractors. We cover Cranleigh and the surrounding Surrey and West Sussex areas.