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Located in Mannings Heath, near Horsham, J M Evans Groundworks covers all surrounding parts of Surrey and West Sussex. From Guildford to Cranleigh, and into Dorking and the surrounding areas, we’re a fourth-generation groundworks and landscaping company that customers know, trust and return to on a repeat basis. For many of these customers, it’s our work on driveways and patios – and our block paving services in particular – which set us apart from the competition.


Established in 1959, we’re one of the longest serving companies across the entire South East region to provide groundworks, landscaping and drainage services under one roof.


Hard landscaping is a key service for our hardworking team.


The hard landscaping elements of a garden never change and these are the backbone of the design theme. Soft landscaping elements change seasonally but they still rely on the hard landscaping theme to be stand out. Driveways and patios are part of the hardscape, and block paving is one of the most desirable materials in today’s modern landscaping sector.


Thousands of homes in Surrey, West Sussex and the South East have block paving driveways and patios, including many in the nearby Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking areas.

The Practical Side of Driveways and Patios


Driveways and patios serve different purposes but there are two things that immediately bring them together; an improvement in kerb appeal and a rise in property value. While most of our customers come to us for hard landscaping services with a more practical purpose in mind, others look to improve their homes on an aesthetic and financial basis.


In terms of practical purposes, the situation is slightly different.


Driveways present an opportunity for customers to get their cars off the street and away from potential problems with parking and vandalism. Some parts of Surrey and West Sussex have strict limitations on parking and require owners to purchase a permit just for the benefit of leaving a car outside their own homes – often at significant financial expense.


An installation from J M Evans Groundworks is one that we consider to be a worthwhile investment because, with the increase in property value factored in, it offers an immediate return on the initial outlay. Block paving, as a premium material, provides the biggest return of all the options available.


With patios, the practical purposes come down to lifestyle. Patios act as an extension of living space, especially at properties in the Surrey and West Sussex areas – such as Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking – with doors that open out onto a garden. Patios also provide valuable outdoor space for relaxing, sharing time with the family, socialising with friends and taking in the sun.


Some customers opt for patios in traditional materials, such as flagstones, but more homeowners opt for block paving as a preferred choice for outdoor surfaces now than at any time in the past.

image of a block paved driveway
image of a block paved patio 3

The Benefits of Block Paving


With the advantages of driveways and patios in mind, now is the time for prospective customers in Surrey and West Sussex to consider the other benefits associated with block paving. As the name suggests, block paving is usually a square or rectangular product. Clay and concrete are the two main materials used during manufacture.


Based on your preferences, we lay driveways and patios in simple lines or in intricate patterns.


Block paving has very few maintenance requirements so homeowners never need to worry about repainting or top polishing the surface every year. An annual wash with soap and water, and the occasional sweep to clear debris, is all that’s needed to maintain condition. Block paving easily withstands the hardships that come with fluctuating weather.


Customers in all parts of the South East region, including those in Horsham, Cranleigh and Dorking, also opt for block paving in the creation of driveways and patios because it offers exceptional versatility from a design perspective – and the opportunity to create something unique for the home.


The porous nature of block paving makes it a sound choice for the environment. Because J M Evans Groundworks also trades as drainage contractors for the local area, our final installations provide a driveway or a patio where water can disperse during rainy periods with no concerns whatsoever over standing water, flooding or loss of sanitary conditions.


Best of all, driveways and patios created with block paving give Surrey and West Sussex homes the most durable of surfaces, but one that uplifts easily in the future – in individual blocks – for replacement due to age, damage or the need for underground utility works.

Call 07887 986932 to discuss driveways and patios with time-served block paving contractors. We cover Horsham, Cranleigh, Dorking and all surrounding areas.

image of a block paved driveway
image of a block paved patio 3
image of a block paved driveway
image of a block paved patio 3